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About US


Inner Visions Outer Expressions (I.V.O.E) is a private practice established in the outer hills of Perth WA by Dr. Despina Weston in 1990. The primary studio practice is located in the historic village of Toodyay, Western Australia. 

I.V.O.E offers a range of professional and private client service appointments, specialised programs and events. 

Our client services include individual, couple and family therapy, art therapy, counselling and psychotherapy. We provide individual play therapy for troubled children and a range of Creative Expression groups for adults. 

Services at I.V.O.E cater for a diverse range of clientele with special emphasis on support for individuals and their family during periods of transition and adjustment following hospitalisation, during times of relationship struggles or loss, grief and bereavement. 


The Birth of I.V.O.E

Where it all began

As a sixteen-year-old migrant at Art School, life and art came together in a blend of excitement and freedom along with the natural confusion that comes with being 16. It was the 60’s after all and the times were changing.

If I am really honest, it all began much earlier, in the country of my birth, Egypt, during a period of Unrest, Insecurity, and Fear, when Egypt was facing uncertain times.  My Greek family planned our departure for Australia, the natural choice for our future home, as our extended families beckoned us from across the waves.

As a young child, I found comfort and solace in creating through the uncertain and challenging times and the periods of transition from the Old World to the New.

The Journey

The past influenced the future in so many ways. A creative pastime grew into a passion and an everlasting obsession to create and into a desire to share the benefits of a creative life with others.  

It is of no surprise that my passion for art led me to creative careers. Art as a central thread between Creating and exhibiting my own art, teaching, and inspiring others, naturally and organically, flowed into Art Therapy and Counselling.  

While I raised my children, I went back to study, to teach, and to paint. Over a period of 30 years, The Sawyers Valley Studio became a life-line for many students, my children, and me.

Where to Now?

As I enter my years as an Elder, Life, and Creativity are more aligned than ever. Life is Art, and Art is Life. In this time of reflection, there is also renewal and Creative Energy. I continue to create and to share my skills, in real-time in my community.  

Instead of closing down, I am opening new vistas of creativity to reach beyond the studio walls, with my own work now transitioning online.  Online courses and online therapy that can reach and connect with even the most isolated communities to bring the joy of creativity, expression and connection, and Hope to your part of the world.  

As a 16 year old there was Excitement and Freedom. As a 69-year-old, I still feel the Excitement and Freedom and am keen to share it with you through our courses, online shop, and oneonone support to help you achieve your dreams and potential. Why not join me? 

Discover Creativity.