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Frequently Asked Questions

How is on-line therapy different to being in the therapy room?
  • The only difference is that we see each other through the computer screen 
  • The online therapeutic relationship is no less effective or less personal 
  • We are just working under different circumstances 
How secure is on-line therapy?
  • Online therapy is accessed via Zoom video conferencing software
  • Zoom places security as the highest priority in its services.  
  • Zoom strives to continually provide a robust set of security features and practices to meet the requirements of individuals for safe and secure communication. 
  • Zoom uses 256-bit TLS encryption, is a secure, private and reliable service.  
  • Your privacy is important to me 
  • We can meet and see each other on the screen 
What skills do I need to do on-line therapy?
  • You need basic knowledge in using Email and have an email address 
  • You need to have access to the Internet and Phone 
  • We can have Video consultations 
  • We can have phone consultations 
What types of issues do you work with online?
  • Personal growth & Creativity  
  • Issues of Grief, Loss 
  • Managing Anxiety & Stress 
  • Working your way through Depression  
  • Finding oneself lost or directionless 
  • Strengthening Relationships 
  • Working through Relationship issues 
  • Transitions in life 
  • Self-esteem 
  • Exploring feelings and managing emotions  
Who do you work with?
  • I work with adults over 18 years of age 
  • I work with men and women 
  • I work with couples 
  • I provide Professional Supervision to therapists 
  • Anyone who seeks support to get through a challenging issue 
I can’t draw and I’m no good at Art. Can I still do therapy with you?
  • You do not need to be creative or know how to draw.
  • It is the process we focus on, not the product you create.
  • Fears often come from a place of perfectionism or judgement and external expectations.
  • I can help you allay any fears. 
How will I know if on-line therapy suits me?
  • I offer a FREE 15 min consultation for you and me to meet and to see if we can work together